Communicate with impact, yet as you.

Quantify and improve your organisation’s capacity to authentically present and explain things in public.

Empower your teams and leaders as exceptional communicators.

Speech Intelligence is a powerful speech and communication learning platform and the result of two decades of research into the drivers of effective verbal and non-verbal communication. With a sensitive blend of virtual instructor-led training and artificial intelligence, Speech Intelligence helps you engage and develop people as they join, promote and lead your organisation. We offer people development to forward-thinking companies on a global scale and help individuals learn privately as well as in teams through collaboration.

Speechintelligence award from fintech innovation lab asia-pacific
Accentura award to Speech intelligence
Eduacte Award
Best Innovation in NLP Award to Speech intelligence in 2017
Best Innovation in NLP Award to Speech intelligence in 2018
The education edwards award to Speech intelligence

Upskill & learn fast.

Speech Intelligence Analytics® is our proprietary ontology. Award-winning and globally unique, it captures the full spectrum of communication skills.

Engage your workforce.

Our pedagogy provides personalised learning experiences for skills attainment that teach-as-you-speak and in the flow of your day.

Improve wellbeing.

Designed to empower authentic and confident communicators, we help people learn how to structure thoughts for impactful and clear communication.

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Speech intelligence acknowleged on BBC
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Measure, engage and improve your organisation’s confidence and ability to authentically present, pitch and speak in public.

How Speech Intelligence Academy works.

Get your Speechintelligence Score

Your Speech Intelligence Score quantifies your skills state and provides objective, formative assessment. Benchmarks across peer group, organisation and industry. A globally trusted metric since 2010.

Speech Intelligence use Ai (Artificial Intelligence)

Gweek, an artificial intelligence, gives you immediate feedback and improvement paths. Learn fast, master the skills from a mobile device.

Use Speech Intelligence Badges on your Linkedin

Speech Intelligence microcredentials progress your career. Promote your Si1-Si4 badges on LinkedIn, be proud of your voice.

Workout in Speech Intellgence Virtual Gym

Workout in our virtual Speech Gym, whole team exercising is the new classroom.

Practice your pitch with colleagues in Speech Cafe Amazinf han?

Drop into Speech Cafe, practise your pitch with colleagues; help each other succeed.

Get Accediation as speech intelligence coach

Gain Accreditation as a
Speech Intelligence coach. Mentor your teams, your organisation with our full support.

Poor communication, mental health & workforce retention.

Whether presenting on a video call, interviewing or pitching; those who explain things well and who level with their listeners, are the empowered influencers of today.

On the flip side, we’ve known for a while that poor communication loses you money* and slows productivity. But it doesn’t stop there.

Poor communication decreases team engagement, and negatively impacts inclusivity and wellbeing. That’s you. Your team. Your entire organisation.

*Report from The Economist Intelligence Unit: “Communication barriers in the modern workplace"


Added stress.


Delayed project completion.


Low team morale.

Upskill your organisation today.

Boost engagement and empower authentic performance from month one. With a well structured engagement, you can expect:

  • 80% adoption rate.

  • 60% of members will level up.

Monitor and measure behavioural upskilling in real-time.

Graph showing realtime growth of other people who used speech intelligence
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Empowering people.

  • Gweek gave me a real opportunity to reflect on my communication:  words chosen, sentence structuring, pauses for breath, eye & hand movement... The pace at which Gweek helped me improve was super exciting. I feel more at ease with formal communications.”

    Prakriti Agrawal, Associate Manager, Leading Global Consultancy

  • In just a few days of using Gweek, I noticed an improvement, as the feedback and learning guides are extremely clear and actionable. I was excited to dive in deeper to the 4 levels that the app offers. It is an incredible app and has provided a ton of value to me quickly. It taught me to slow down, speak with more intention, pause, breathe, find a rhythm that keeps listeners engaged, all while being true to my own voice and manners of speaking. I have recommended the application to anyone who will listen, and with my improved speech intelligence, hopefully I have been persuasive!”

    Julie Yingst, Business Analyst, Global Investment Bank

The Embodiment of Speech.

We are speech ambassadors. We’re here for your teams’ wellbeing. For how they think, speak and explain things. Whether on a video call, on a stage, or pitching to clients…and especially those spontaneous moments…when clear, authentic speech wins the listener…heart and mind. Today’s communicators are self-assured, yet for real.

Impactful communication matters. Everywhere.
The Speech Intelligence Team | 2022

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